Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)

Here is a list of the questions that NPA gets asked most frequently regarding the submission process.
If you have other questions, contact Eamon Connor at NPA at

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Audio Visual Support Questions

Typically, NPA provides the following AV materials:
1.Podium with microphone.
2.Wireless handheld microphone
3.Panel discussion table / head-table
4.LCD projector.
5.Slide Advancer
Presenters are expected to supply their own laptop computers and compatible power supply.

Yes, but because of the many types of Macs and adapters needed we will need a little advance notice to arrange a suitable adaptor.  If you have such an adaptor, bring it with you.

No, it is not. Typically, NPA makes Wifi available to conference attendees but this would not be suitable as, and should NOT be relied upon for, a presentation platform.  

NPA has typically not recorded education sessions.

Yes, NPA’s convention team can assist you with that.  Please contact Eamon Connor to determine, logistics, fees, parameters, ownership, and usage details.

Yes. NPA makes a PowerPoint slide template available to all presenters. It can be downloaded from the NPA Speaker Services Center.

Yes. To maintain brand consistency, you are obliged to use the NPA PowerPoint Slide Template.

CFP Submission Questions

Yes, you can.  To finish your submission, please go to the Presentation Service Center and login with your Email and password.

You will receive an automatic notification of receipt of your application as soon as you submit it. The deadline for entries is Friday March 26, 2021. NPA plans to make selections in April and to notify all applicants of their status starting April 12, 2021.

Please don’t miss this date! If NPA does not receive your speaker agreement by June  24, 2021 the association may look for an alternative presentation or speaker to fill your time slot and you will be deleted from the program.

Other Questions

NPA will develop a preliminary conference schedule in late spring and share that with you indicating the proposed day and time for your session. We have a little flexibility that stage to make some adjustments to this schedule so communicate any changes to NPA immediately. After that, a final conference schedule will be set and communicated to all speakers in early summer. The schedule cannot be changed after this date. 

If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend the NPA expo, contact Eamon Connor at NPA immediately to let him know that

Contact NPA’s Eamon Connor at NPA’s Education Department regarding any changes to your panel line-up or session content.

Session handouts and presentations should be uploaded Speaker Service Center no later than August 28, 2021. These documents will be made available to expo attendee via the expo mobile app.

Registration and Hotel Questions

Yes, all speakers must be registered and paid in full prior to the expo. NPA highly recommends registering at the early-bird rate. Typically, this is by May 31, 2021. 

Yes, all speakers receive a 20% discount on full conference or daily registration packages to the 2021 NPA Conference & Expo. This does not include any NPA programs such as the, Certificate Programs, etc. Registration must be completed by August 27, 2021.

No, unfortunately NPA does not provide any assistance with hotel stay. NPA does typically provide very competitive room rates at our participating hotels. Check the NPA Expo web-site for these rates.     

NPA does not provide speaker fees, honoraria or expenses reimbursement.