NPA Call for Presentations Planning and Preparation Guide

Here are some helpful tips to guide your submission process:

Before you begin:

  • Identify your goal for the session. Is it to inform attendees? Is it to engage with the audience? Is it to demonstrate or illustrate a process or service? Is it to offer contrasting views on a program, product or concept? Knowing upfront what you want attendees to take away from the session will be very helpful in designing the program.
  • Create learning objectives: Identify specific outcomes that you expect attendees to achieve. Typically these are phrased as “action” words. For example: “In this session you will See, Hear, Understand, Learn .., etc.
  • Draft an outline of your session: Develop a rough outline of your session on paper or in MS Word. Identify topic areas that address the learning objectives. Ensure that you have enough time to cover the planned materials.
  • Audience Type: Who is the Audience for this session? C-suite executives? Valet Operators? Municipal Managers? Does it apply to all audience types? NPA members and attendees come from all sectors of the parking industry: commercial operators, valet operators, municipalities, hospitals, airports and universities. Attendees come from all sizes of organizations and have a variety of responsibilities. More than 50% of NPA’s members are in the C-suite.
  • Audience Engagement: Think about you will engage with your audience (and how they will engage with you). This can be as simple as asking questions of the audience, “table-top” activity or other exercises. Remember: any activity should be designed to meet the learning objectives and not an activity for its own sake. Research shows that attendees who are actively engaged in the learning process retain more information and take away more from a session.

Completing the online submission form

As you complete the online form keep the following in mind:
  • Session Title: The session title should grab the attendee's attention to make them want to find out more. It should be short and should describe clearly what the session course is about.
  • Session Description: The session description should outline clearly and distinctly what the program will cover. Highlight the key topics to be covered, how the information will be presented and the benefits to the attendee.
  • Delivery Format: See note above regarding audience engagement. Outline the ways I which you plan to engage with the audience (and the audience with you.)
  • Panels and Round-tables: If your session involves a panel of speakers determine their roles and content and how each speaker will engage with the audience.

Photo, Bio and Other Information

The online application should take you 20 minutes to complete (if you have done the right preparation.) NPA recommends that you upload a professional headshot and bio along with your application. The bio should be no more ham 150 words.

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