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Enter the Frontline Focus Learning Zone to get expert insight on frontline and day-to-day parking and mobility operations. All sessions included in your PMX LIVE Access Pass.

Broadcast Live at PMX LIVE & On-Demand Until 4/30/2021
Available until 4/30/2021

PMX LIVE: Back to Business for University & Campus Parking
Tune in. Ask. Get Answers and Get Ahead. Facilitated education program with expert panel. Ask questions, answer polls, and express your opinions. Our panelists will discuss all aspects of university and campus parking. Yes, we’ll talk about COVID-19, but a whole lot more besides: planning, sustainability, LPR and PARCs systems and what’s happening on your campus.

Program Host:
Jeffrey B. Elsey, P.E., CAPP, LEED® AP
Project Director

Carl DePinto, Director, Parking and Transportation Services, Duke University
Sarah Blouch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Campus Parc
David J. Karwaski, Director, Mobility Planning & Traffic Systems, UCLA Transportation

PMX LIVE: Back to Business: Trends in Airport Ground Transportation
As if the impact from TNCs wasn’t bad enough, airport ground transportation operators have been seen demand stop. But, we are seeing the steady increase. With operations curtailed and air travel significantly reduced, what can this vital part of the transportation network do to survive and thrive? Hear the latest trends, developments and policy initiatives affecting parking at airports / remote lots, hotels, events in a fast-paced discussion forum.

Sarah A. FisherSarah A. Fisher
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
The Parking Spot

Armin Cruz, Vice President of the Parking Business Unit, DFW International Airport
Ray Mundy, Executive Director, Airport Ground Transportation Association
John Walsh, Market Officer, PreFlight

PMX LIVE: Back to Business for Valet & Event Parking
Tune in. Ask. Get Answers and Get Back to Business. Facilitated education program. Ask questions, answer polls, and express your opinions. Our panelists discuss all aspects of valet operations from hotels and restaurant to special event and festival parking. Yes, we’ll talk about COVID-19— but a whole lot more besides: technology solutions, employee recruitment, service and satisfaction and what’s happening in your valet operation.

John OglesbySession Leader:
John Oglesby
Parking Whisperer

Paul Lindenberger, Regional Vice President, Platinum Parking
Travis Larrison, Senior Vice President, REEF
Rick DiPietro, CEO/President, Propark
Victor Diaz, Regional Manager, Parking Systems of America
Matt Torrez, VP of Operations, Towne Park

How to Build Team, Talent, and Morale to Power Performance in Tough Times
Learn how parking operators rebuilt their teams post-COVID-19, how they onboarded furloughed employees, re-energized this workforce to be a high performing, high-value team.

John OglesbySession Leader:
John Oglesby
Parking Whisperer


Todd Tucker, DBA, JD, CPP, CAPP, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Arrive
Jeffrey W Patterson, CPP, President, Phoenix Parking
Justin Hill, Vice President, Human Resources, PMC
Dane Grey, MBA, President, Elite Parking


Sustainable Shuttle Fleet Management & Operation
Learn how parking operators can develop and manage a sustainable shuttle fleet. In this informative seminar a panel of shuttle experts will explore the variety alternative fuels options available from electric, Propane, CNG, to clean fuels. Learn about fuel infrastructure for each option and costs to install a private fueling station. Panel examines financial support available at state and federal level to help with the transition to zero or low emissions shuttle operation.

Panel also discusses the state-of-the-art in shuttle service provision from onboard cameras to GPS tracking systems, to user apps and more.

John Groden, CPPSession Leader:
John Groden, CPP
Vice President
Colonial Airport Parking

Brianna Lawrence, Program Manager, GNA, Clean Transportation & Energy Consultants
Eleanor Johnstone, Project Manager, GNA, Clean Transportation & Energy Consultants

Taking Credit: The Hidden Cost of Credit Card Processing (and How to Avoid It)
A high-level outline for CEOs and owners (not techies) of what enterprises need to know about the entire credit card processing system: fees, data management, risk assessment, hidden costs, etc. Get a handle on how much it’s costing you to make money.

Matt Mandell, Principal, GAM Payments
Bob O’Connell, VP, Head of Solutioning Partner Solutions, Fiserv

University Campus Parking Master Planning: Getting to Yes
Learn proven techniques and best practices in developing a successful master plan for a university campus environment. This engaging program walks you through common frustrations and tips and tricks to overcome stakeholder objections. Take away ROI wins for your campus.

Jonathan Wicks, CAPP, CPPJonathan Wicks, CAPP, CPP
Walker Consultants

Casey Jones, Senior Parking and Mobility Planner, DESMAN

VALETSAFE: Build trust in personal services post COVID-19
Be a good neighbor. Learn the sanitization protocols that valet operators can adopt now. Ensure that your company protocols, industry guidelines and efforts to communicate post COVID-19 practices instill confidence with asset owners and parkers. Learn about the basic industry guidelines and valet specific protocols for your valet operation. NPA SAFEPark™ program.
Adamo Donatucci, INDIGO Canada
Ellis M. Dumont, CEO & Founder, Advanced Parking Concepts

SAFEPARK: Practical ways to park post COVID-19
Be a good neighbor for on street and off-street parking. Get the overview on SAFEPARK® protocols. Then, take a deep dive into the practices your organization can follow for on-street and off-street parking for sanitization, communication, and low contact service to deliver and communicate it’s safe to park here for your employees and parkers. Content based on NPA SAFEPARK™ program.
Eamon Connor, Director Professional Development, National Parking Association

FACILITYSAFE: Maintenance & Budgeting post COVID-19
Be a good neighbor and maintain a standard of cleaning and a routine practice of maintenance. Learn about the overview of SAFEPARK™ guidelines. Get insights into facility sanitization protocols and details of how industry players are managing maintenance, sanitization and costs post COVID-19. Content based on NPA SAFEPARK™ program.
Ken Mills, Chief Executive, Baltimore County Revenue Authority

Balancing Service and Safety: Delivering Customer Service in a COVID-19 World
Learn how parking operators are delivering top-flight service with a relentless focus on exceeding customer needs and expectations. Find out what techniques you can apply to build customer trust, deliver value, and generate loyalty & goodwill.

Robert MilnerSession Leader:
Robert Milner
Director, Parking and Transportation Services
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Stephanie Barnes, Vice President, LAZ Healthcare Services
Adele Clements, Senior Director of Transportation and Parking Services, Emory University



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