Questions & Answers About PMX LIVE

As a digital event, your ACCESS PASS is your credential to get into the event. Your registration must be uploaded and verified, then activated. To ensure that everything is ready and you can get access during the event, the registration cut off is September 9th at noon Eastern.

Murphy’s Law. Be sure you can log in to PMX Live on Monday, September 14 at 1 pm Eastern before the program begins. You will receive a confirmation email with everything you need to get started. If you have a problem, use the HELP DESK button on the site. Real people are staffing the help desk for you.

You get access to PMX LIVE, PMX LIVE Expo, and The Vault. If you purchased a ticket to the WOMEN IN PARKING ACCELERATE Conference, Smart Cities Solutions Forum or a CPP Certificate Programs—you also gain access to those sessions.

Register early with promo codes for bonus access to the WIP ACCELERATE Conference, Smart Cities Solutions Forum, or the Emergency Certificate Program with your PMX LIVE Access Pass or Multi-User License. Learn more

Mark your calendar. Save sessions as appointments on your calendar to be sure you attend key programs, chats & meet exhibitors during meet-up hours. Plan the times each day that you want to participate.

The chat is where it’s at. This is a chance to meet new parking pros and connect with colleagues. You can coordinate with peers to meet up at one of the scheduled chats after a session to talk more in-depth about the topic and to talk with the speakers.

No. You can join in chats where you use a chat box. Or, join in a Zoom meeting. Or, even a conference call. All the tech is simply a way for us to connect.

It’s our digital welcome reception & your 1st chance to experience the digital “conference rooms” that contain downloads, chats & prizes.

The virtual lobby welcomes you to the conference & orients you to the program and activities available—including a leaderboard—you earn points & get badges/prizes by actively participating in the program.

You enter an expo lobby that orients you to the supplier categories ”rooms”, where exhibits are located. Industry suppliers have staff at the digital booth and can take meetings. Yes, it looks like a real exhibit. In addition, many exhibitors have videos, product brochures, PDFs and resources, so you can shop the booth. Yes, there are prizes and hidden “Easter Eggs” bigger prizes.

A hidden image in an event room. You see. You click. You earn points for prizes.

The sessions that are live—are live only. You need to attend the session. The Vault is home to On-Demand sessions, and you can access these programs until April 30, 2021.

In early September, you’ll receive an email with your PMX LIVE login information.

Pro Tips for a Great Experience

Plan Your Schedule

Visit the PMX LIVE schedule to select the events you want to attend.

Update Your Calendar

This is your time to build your career and advance your business. Mark your calendar now with the PMX LIVE sessions, chat & video networking opportunities and Expo hours.

Tech Check

There are minimal tech requirements to participate in PMX LIVE. You can access the event platform via desktop computer, laptop computer, or tablet device. A strong WiFi connection via a private internet connection is recommended for smooth video transmission. Public networks may not support the required bandwidth.

Trial Run

On the morning of September 14, test your login credentials. Events begin in mid-morning (West Coast) and afternoon (East Coast).

Want To Know More?

If you need more assistance, please email us.


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Questions about registering a group with a multi-user access pass?
Contact NPA Membership Director, Linda Gill Anderson at or 202-470-6304.